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Breaking: College Admissions Gets Personal

bi curious Breaking: College Admissions Gets Personal

Elmhurst College in Illinois is the first US university to ask applicants their sexual orientation. What other things should schools ask?

• “Please list all illegal gifts obtained from athletic recruiters and/or boosters.”
• “Please provide your pooping schedule below.”
• “Estimate your current market cap.”
• “Would you consider a career in college admissions to be a ‘waste of potential’?”
• “On a scale of 0-10—0 being Eleanor Roosevelt, and 10 being those twins from that Coors Light commercial—how hot are you?”
• “What is your routing number/PIN?”
• “Big spoon or little spoon?”
• “Are you a tattletale?”
• “Mark Rothko: Do you get it? Or…?”
• “Think you’re some fancy college boy now? Think you’re better than me?

Staff (Chernicoff, Chiasson, Cohen-Wade, Harris, Kemper, Shea)


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