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Breaking: Somali Morning Zoo

Somali pledge drive1 Breaking: Somali Morning Zoo

A radical Islamic radio station in Somalia gave kids AK-47s and live hand grenades for winning an on-air trivia contest. Tell us more about that radio station.

• Funded by Somali government. SEE WHAT HAPPENS, LIBERALS???
• Most popular program a Somali version of ‘This American Life’ entitled ‘This Somali Life, Which I Will Be Blowing Up Shortly’
• Second-most popular program a Somali version of ‘Car Talk’ entitled ‘Talk About Blowing Up Cars’
• Third-most popular program a Somali version of ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me’ called ‘Wait, Wait, Okay, Now Blow It Up’
• Jihad pauses for weekly appearance by puzzlemaster Will Shortz
• Weirdly, mostly plays smooth jazz
• Considered “hold your wee for a Wii” contest too dangerous
• Every Spring Break, they broadcast live from their “Rockin’ Gitmo Party Cabaña”
Staff  (Chernicoff, Cohen-Wade, Thornton)


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