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Breaking: The Mystery of Female Orgasm

Meg Ryan orgasm Breaking: The Mystery of Female Orgasm

new study confirms that female orgasm has a distinct evolutionary purpose—but scientists don’t know what it is yet. What’s your theory?

• Prevents guffawing at guy’s Kabuki-like O-face
• Ultimate green energy source
• G-spot good hunting practice
• Gives women another way to find men disappointing
• Because the alternative to no orgasms is suicide, which is a generally unsuccessful evolutionary strategy
• Great soundtrack for porn
• Distracts from inevitable realities of torturous childbirth, years of unappreciated sacrifice, inevitable death
• Life’s not fair, but it’s not THAT not fair
• Are these peer-reviewed studies? Because they sound to me like more Big Vibrator-funded propaganda
• Mrs. God threatened to cut God off*
—Staff (Chernicoff, Cohen-Wade, Gandert, Klumpp, Newsham, Toth)

* Intelligent Design theorists

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