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Breaking: Yoko Ono Is Following You!

1010a Breaking: Yoko Ono Is Following You!

Yoko Ono follows more people than anyone else on Twitter (693,368 at last count). Who does she NOT follow?

• @Nickelback, but honestly, who does?
• @WillShortz, after “Broke up The Beatles (3 letters)”
• Estranged twin @OkoYono
• @LearningAnnex, not after the way standup class went
• The world’s 1 billion starving, mostly Twitterless children
• Philistine c*** who ran 1954 Sarah Lawrence yearbook
• @Ochocinco
• The army of assistants necessary to read through all that shit
Staff (Chernicoff, Klumpp, Gerber, Toth)


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