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Since 1872, students at Yale have published a humor magazine called The Yale Record. In addition to being a lot of fun, the magazine has launched the careers of many distinguished writers and artists. Along with a print monthly, The Record sponsors standup, does pranks, and supports Yale and student comedy however possible. The Record exists to preserve classic forms of writing, cartooning and publishing, teaching them to new generations and bringing greater happiness and perspective in the process. More information can be found at The Record‘s page on Wikipedia.

If you’d like to purchase back issues of The Yale Record, you may do so for $4.95 per issue by emailing The Record’s student Publisher.
If you’re some sort of crazed paper fetishist and must needs contact the student magazine via US Mail, their address is:
The Yale Record
PO Box 204732
New Haven, CT  06520
[no bombs or lethal pathogens, thx]

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