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Preview: The Sitter

R for poor childcare, lack of scruples, the timeless humor of a young blonde girl saying “I sharted”

Release Date: December 9, 2011

Remember when Jonah Hill was just a harmless, expletive-spouting puppy dog? When he seemed like Seth Rogen 2.0 – a little heavier, a little crasser, a little more of a slob? In other words, exactly like Seth Rogen, only more so?

Well, no longer.trans Preview: The Sitter Jonah Hill has gone from being the less-famous lead in Superbad to the less-famous lead in Moneyball. He’s even eclipsed Seth Rogen, which I promise you is not a fat joke. Jonah Hill is now a Movie Star, with a capital M, capital S, and – what the hell – make the rest of the letters capital, too. He’s been Jonah Hill-ing around with such abandon and success that his name can now be used as a verb. Most notably, he can now be expected to carry an R-rated comedy like The Sitter entirely on his own, with nary a Michael Cera or a Russell Brand in sight.

And never mind that this movie doesn’t necessarily look good. Where Jonah Hill treads, we all must follow. ~Ben Orlin – See more reviews


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