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Science Courses From Yale Past

BIOL 140 – Modern Equine Care BIOL 392/ENGL 115 – Literary Humors: Bile, Etc. CHEM 114 – Comprehensive General Chemistry: All Four Elements CHEM 220 – Introduction to Organic Alchemy CPSC 112 – Introduction to Abacus Programming E&EB 125 – Creationism and Him EVST 125 – Earth’s Changing Climate: The Lord is Crying EVST 126 – Earth’s Changing Climate: The Lord is Peeing EVST 127 – Earth’s Changing Climate: The Lord has Dandruff EVST 346/SAST 378 – Urbanization and Environment in the Orient and the British Raj G&G 100 – Natural Disasters: Blood, Frogs, Locusts G&G 362 – Observing Earth from Earth HLTH 345 – Modern Medical Practice: From Leeches to Amputation JDST 278/MCDB 278 – Physiology of Jews: From Devil Horns to Deceitfulness MATH 991 – Arithmetic MCDB 040 – Science and Politics of Cancer, Leo, and Gemini MCDB 120 – Reproductive Health I: The Rhythm Method MCDB 121 – Reproductive Health II: What to Expect When You’re Expecting PHYS 666/THEO 666 – Buoyancy, Combustion, and Aerodynamics: The Physics of Witches SCIE 160 – Pseudoscience and More Pseudoscience WGSS 201/PSYC 201 – Female Hysteria and its Impact on Intelligence

—M. Kaplan, R. Lackner, S. Savitz, and N. Warren


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